Tile Murals, Any image cn be transferred onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiiles to create tile murals for indoors or outdoors home improvement projects

Vintage Labels on Tiles
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Vintage Labels on Tile includes:
Wine Labels
Micro brewery label art
Liquor label art
Fruit crate and orange crate labels
Seed packets
Song Sheet Covers
Perfume labels
Cigar art
Grocery Labels
Art Deco   
Vintage posters
Airline, Boat, Train and bicycle
 Tumbled Marble Tiles , Ceramic Tiles and Glass Tiles for a kitchen backsplash, wine cellar, pantry, bar, restaurant, wall display.

See below for lots of labels.  
Clients tell me there is so much to choose
from and I say yeah..Have Fun
Wine Label on Marble Til
!00's of liquor labels transferred onto tiles, any size
Send us ephemera and memorabilia from your vintage collection and we can create a mural, collage for a cabinet, table or wall.
In most cases there will be no set up fees.
... Or choose from our extensive collection below.

Wine Labels on Tiles

  For a wine cellar, wet bar, pantry or backsplash in the kitchen.  Alternate imaged tumbled marble tiles to create a wine collectors dream environment.
Looking for something different?  We mostly sell the Marble Wine labels on 4x4 but consider 6x6" or 8x8" marble tiles also. Looks great and they are very popular. Great Remodeling tip- We can transfer the image so the tile is diamond shape rather than straight on. AND..... you can send us your raw marble tiles and we can transfer the image so that the randomly placed imaged tiles will cordinate with your plain tiles. Pretty cool : ) --We are soooo flexible !
Wine labels on tiles- Great for a kitchen backsplash, wine bar, wine cellar, restaurant or as coasters
Wine labels on marble or ceramic for a kitchen backsplash. etc.
CW 417- Golf
IW 36

Here's a sampling to "whet" your appetitie  : )
to see lots more wine labels

Personalized Wine Labels on Tiles

Style# Angel
Personalized and customized wine labels transferred onto tiles for an event
Style# Venus
Style # Vines
Your very own personalized wine label  as a tile mural or coaster
Style # Flowers
Style# Crest
Style # Tuscan
Personalized wine labels on Tiles  for any occasion.
Wedding favors, birthdays, fundraisers, community events, to honor an employee, Anniversary,
Fathers day, Mothers day,, wine tasting event. anniversary of company. trade show give-a-ways, New Years party, School art fund-raisers

Wine Words on Tiles

on Ceramic or Marble Tiles as accent tiles - Your choice of the words below or submit your own words- BTW-- your choice of word color-- Very Fashion Forward ~
 HGTV says  labelling is the Trend

Beer labels on Tiles

A tile mural or on individual tiles ~ Create a dramatic backsplash with these labels on tumbled marble tiles or ceramic and alternate with plain tiles. If you're a collector of beer labels or have a bar or mini bar  ~ what a dramatic wall mural display.
!00's of beer labels transferred onto tiles, any size
!00's of vintage labels transferred onto tiles, any size
Click Here to see more Beer Label Art

Liquor Label Art on Tiles

Whiskey , Gin, Port, Cognac etc. on  Tiles ~
!00's of liquor labels transferred onto tiles, any size

!00's of liquor labels transferred onto tiles, any size
!00's of vintage labels transferred onto tiles, any size

Vintage Poster Art on Tiles

Art Nouveau and Art Deco  Liquor, Wine, Coffee, Cigarettes, Perfume etc.
VP 01--Vlan du Berni               VP 02- Arduino - Coffee                          
To see lots more vintage poster art ~  
Poster art can also be on  individual accent  tiles-
if its not too detailed an image  

Song Sheet Covers on Tiles

A Unique orchestration of vintage song sheet covers
from the early 20th century. A great gift on an 8x10" tile for a song lover or a tile mural for a home theater
S 01
song sheets on tiles
S 02
S 03
S 04
S 05
S 06

Seed Packets on Tiles

 Flower, Fruit and Vegetable
From the turn of the century, vintage seed packets-- for pantry, kitchen backsplash, indoor garden
FL 01
!00's of vintage labels transferred onto tiles, any size
FRU 01
VG 07

to see more Fruit, flower & veggie seed label packets

Fruit Crate and Orange Crate Labels on Tiles

Available on  tumbled marble tiles , ceramic tiles or glass tiles. Each image can be transferred as  individual tiles or as a mural  to be used as a kitchen backsplash, an island in a kitchen or covering a table .
Below is a sampling --  100's of fruit crate labels to choose from
 Click Here to see many more labels

FC 393

FC 201
FC 117
FC 203
    Click Here
to see more Fruit Crate, Vegetable Crate, Orange Crate Label Art

Vegetable People

An ingenious and charming solution to hawking their wares in 1870,  manufacturers handed out Trade Cards. Below are examples of advertising for a fertilizer called Buckeye Phosphate.
Display them on a backsplash using seed packet label tiles , fruit crate labels and grocery labels

       vegetable people trading cards on tiles     
 Carrot Gentleman                Lettuce Lady                    Squash Lady

      Two Peas in a Pod                   Sweet Corn                        Watermelon Man  

Grocery labels on Tiles

 Coffee,   Syrup,   Chocolate,   Biscuit,   Liqueur,   Cat food, Dog Food,   Cheese,   Broom,   etc.
Charming  vintage grocery labels from another era on tiles for a backsplash, pantry, grocery store or restaurant

Click here to View lots more Grocery labels
Vintage coffee label art work transferred onto tiles for a kitchen backsplash
Cat food label -- purr - fect on marble tiles
!00's of grocery labels transferred onto tiles, any size


Perfume and Toiletry Labels on Tiles
An important trend in  decorating is chic and shabby
 and perfume labels on tiles would be an important accessory to this theme
  for a bathroom, spa, beauty shop or powder room

Perfume, Toilet water, soap ...  an unusual wall decor for the bath,dressing room, powder room, spa, country club ~ These labels are dated from 1894 - 1905--- Alternate plain botticino tumbled marble tiles or ceramic tiles , or add  a few onto each wall.
perfume labels on tiles
perfume labels on tiles

Cigar Labels on Tiles

Individual tiles  or a tile mural on marble or ceramic tiles

Click Here to see more Cigar art
cigar art on tiles
cigar art on tiles

Luggage and Hotel Labels on Tiles

Click Here  to see more luggage labels
H 403
H 404
hotel labels on tiles
H 405

Vintage Airline, Train, Boat, Autos, Bicycle Labels

!00's of transportation labels transferred onto tiles, any size

!00's of transportation labels transferred onto tiles, any size

Cherubs, Mermaid
Old World Masters

Small pieces of different color stones are used to create a pattern or picture.


 Photo Tiles....
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!00's of vintage labels transferred onto tiles, any size  CHEF TILE MURAL
Vintage Poster Art

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