Tile Murals, Any image cn be transferred onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiiles to create tile murals for indoors or outdoors home improvement projects

Murals on Tiles
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Wall mural on tile, kitchen wall tile mural on tile,
 kitchen backsplash,  countertops, floors.pools,
indoor, outdoor and exterior tile murals

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Cherubs, Mermaid

Old World Masters

Brilliant      Artists

  We offer Fine Art and
Your Personal Photographs
 transferred onto
Tumbled marble tiles, Glass tiles and Ceramic tiles
 to create a wall mural on classic tile or a kitchen backsplash,  countertops, floors.
Any Image, Any Size
(All murals on tiles are made to order so they can be adjusted or personalized ).

Tuscany and wine art transferred onto marble, ceramic or glass tiles for a kitchen or wine cellar backsplash

Wine Art
#GL 905

See More Gorgeous images Below

Alicia Tapp Designs is very excited & proud to announce
we are showcasing
Contemporary & Award Winning Artists and Photographers
in a variety of themes and techniques...  from Tuscany landscapes to
 Renaissance and spiritual paintings to be transferred onto your choice of
 marble, ceramic and glass tiles. ..Indoors or Outdoors.

Just a sampling below---  see themes and artists on left side of page

Contemporary Artists and Photographers
Guido Borelli Colonne as a kitchen backsplash or installed on your outdoor patio on ceramic tiles           Tuscany and wine art transferred onto marble, ceramic or glass tiles for a kitchen or wine cellar backsplash
Guido Borelli                                             Gina Lancerotti
Tuscany Landscapes -                   
Mediterranean tile murals. Southern France and italy.. Glorious possiblities for a kitchen, bathroom or outdoor projects
Romantic Mediterranean, Tuscany
and  Wine Art
Tropical, Roosters, Parrots and Fish
  Debbie Lund Western artwork on tiles
Western & Horseracing  Painter
Western Landscapes,mountain views and water falls and roosters
Tuscan, French Country Landscapes, SeaScapes, urban art and CityScapes
chianti village tile mural   
 Tuscany Landscapes
Apollo Undersea Fine art on Tiles   

 Apollo Fine art on Tiles
World famous Creator of dolphin, whale, undersea and tropical landscape and waterfall paintings

Paintings of the Amalfi Coastline & Tuscany

Classic tiles and Perfect murals for a
wine cellar , kitchen backsplash or foyer, restaurant,
living room, lobby. They can be adjusted to any horizontal size to fit your space,
We hear so often from our clients that their new or remodeled
 homes will have a Tuscan flavor, and so we offer murals
to coordinate with this Italian theme.

Aagaard  View to the Amalfi Coastline on ceramic, marble or glass tiles    Pergola tile mural
A- view to the Amalfi Coast                       B- Pergola

 Tuscan tile mural
C - Lake Como

Tuscan panoramic tile mural or border tile
AB-- Amalfi Pergola combined--
 A client requested this for their very wide kitchen backsplash  ~
 pretty cool, huh?

Tuscan amalfi and , lake como and pergola combined for panoramic mural
ABC-----  Amalfi, Pergola, Como combined
Another client saw the AB mural and commissioned me to make a mural  that was even more panoramic and lo and behold --
 60" x  8" --  to create a border for their backsplash.

As a variation..Any image can have an arch around it

Chianti Sunset by Joanne margosian, popular, painting for a kitchen backsplash               
 Chianti Sunset by Margosian                 Red Poppy Rd by Margosian            

                         Mediterranean tile murals. Southern France and italy.. Glorious possiblities for a kitchen, bathroom or outdoor projects                
Chianti Harvest - Margosian                                - Bohlmann     

                 Tuscan landscape and wine art mosaic
  Afremov -  Hot Noon                    GL 902--   Lancerotti

 For your French Country Kitchen Backsplash ~
 Coordinate single rooster  4x4" tiles and alternate with plain  marble tiles.Send us a rooster print and we'll transfer it onto marble tiles.
 Images can be adjusted or reconfigured to suit your needs



Hand detail as a mural and Creation of Adam

In terms of his life, his landscsapes of water and reflections were his most beautiful masterpiece, his unique source of inspiration, and, indeed his final splendid palette of the changing colors of passing time, allowing a whirl of animated brushstrokes on stone.

Japanese Footbridge                                 Monet Nympheas

Mural can be any size-- and can be customized
Compass floors, entryway, outdoors
Compass Rose - Personalized with a monogram

The Art of Gustav Klimt
 My personal favorite

The Kiss              

Flowers and Fruit ... Still Life

Renoir- Flowers in a Vase            Corrado Pila  - Click to See mural installation

Wine  Art

Wine Niche
Western Art

Mesa- Photo

Religious.... Cupids .... Angels....Figurative Art

The Impresssionists

      Renoir ~ La Promenade tile mural on tumbled marble tiles. Beautiful impressionistic wall mural for a kitchen bathroom, dining room.  
Rue de Paris by Caillabotte                    La Promenade


     Mediterranean tile murals. Southern France and italy.. Glorious possiblities for a kitchen, bathroom or outdoor projects     
Monet- Argenteuil  

Undersea. Fish

Apollo Undersea Fine art on Tiles
World famous painter, Apollo's fabulous undersea paintings

Toile, a pictorial mural of rural country life
Toile on ceramic tiles create a mural
(any size) or individual accent tiles
Re-create the setting for English Manor Country living.

Vintage Poster Art ...Art Nouveau ...Art Deco
Liquor, Wine,Coffee, Cigarettes, Perfume etc.

 VP 01                                           VP 02

Poster art is available as multi tile murals and accent  tiles-
if its not too detailed an image    

Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh            



J.W. Waterhouse

 Art  that has a quality which is timeless, a Romantic Classicist .
Transferred onto Tumbled marble seems to be the overwhelming choice for bath and shower wall decor. Below are examples of his most popular paintings.

Ariadne by Waterhouse           
 Ariadne                                                      Ophelia                 Circe invidiosa

  Echo and Narcissus by Waterhouse
Hylas and the Nymphs 1896              Echo and Narcissus 1903-
                                                           See Mural Installation

The Lady of Shalott by Waterhouse  The Danaides by Waterhouse  
 The Lady of Shalott                     Danaides              Mermaid -