Tile Murals, Any image cn be transferred onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiiles to create tile murals for indoors or outdoors home improvement projects

Kitchen Backsplash
 Decorative ceramic tiles...Tumbled marble stone murals ... custom murals... kitchen tile ideas...  
Tile Mural .....customized for your Kitchen Backsplash--
 Examples and ideas of kitchen installations
Alicia Tapp Designs specializes in creating customized tile murals for a
Kitchen Backsplash.

 It's refreshing to note that gone are the days that countertops and backsplashes have to match. There are no decorating rules. The focal point in your kitchen evolves with adding the personal touches that are close to your heart.

Buy a custom tile kitchen backsplash.These are the Tiles available:
Botticino Tumbled marble
Durable  ceramic
Glass tile
Outdoor porcelain kiln fired tiles for an
 outdoor kitchen backsplash with any image. Tiles will last a     lifetime outdoors in full sun and below freezing temperatures

See the Tile FAQ'S page
for descriptions and images of the blank tiles

Any Image, Any Size
Reto hen ad transferred onto stone tiles for a backsplash
Vintage Hen/ Eggs Mural~Tumbled MarbleTiles

We finally finished the kitchen with our new mural . I am very pleased with the mural and appreciate your help in deciding which one to purchase. My husband did all the tile work himself and I am very proud of the job. Thanks so much! Gwen "

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GL 905-Wine Art-- Outdoor Kitchen Backsplash  porcelain kiln fired tiles- personalized label on wine bottle
Wine art transferred onto porcelain kiln fired outdoor tiles for an outdoor wine bar
"Hi Alicia, ok, all border tiles are up... so far this is how the mural looks.... we do love it...   ."Deb

Valley View fruitcrate label enlarged and transferred onto satin ceramic tiles
Client requested I add lemons from another fruitcrate label into this image

Thank you! We love our mural. Attached a couple of pictures!


 Tumbled marble tile mural kitchen backsplash
wine art transferred onto marble tiles for a kitchen backsplash
"Hi Alicia,
Here's the promised photo of the installed kitchen mural, it looks fantastic. Thanks for all your help.   Petre"


GL 900 by Lancerotti on 4x4" Botticino Tumbled Marble Tiles - 24x16"
Tuscany and wine art transferred onto marble, ceramic or glass tiles for a kitchen backsplash or wine cellar backsplash
Tuscany and wine art transferred onto marble, ceramic or glass tiles for a kitchen backsplash or wine cellar backsplash

Kitchen backsplash ideas- durable ceramic tiles   Kitchen backsplash ideas- durable ceramic tiles.. Corrado Pila
Corrado Pila  Green version  on 4.25x4.25" durable ceramic tiles-
Size of mural is 17"x12 3/4"

"We love our Corrado Pila Fruit Bouquet tile backsplash, which we have installed above our kitchen cooktop. It is the perfect decorative accent in our kitchen, and complements our fruit wallpaper and granite countertops.  We're so glad that we found your website.           
Bill and Ivy Jean  Arlington, TX"

                                         Corrado Pila beige version  30x24

Natures Bounty on Ceramic tiles as a kitchen backsplash    
 Nature's Bounty on     6x6" Tumbled marble tiles                 

View to the Amalfi Coastline mural installation for an above the stove backsplash on tumbled marble tiles
 View to the Amalfi Coastline      6x6" Tumbled  Marble tiles

Wine Niche on Marble tiles as a wine tasting room backsplash Wine art imagery has been steadly growing in popularity. Wine connoisseurs collect wine labels to further enhance their love of the grape and want their kitchen backsplash, wine cellars, wine bars to reflect this passion    Iris garden by Van Gogh for your tiled  kitchen backsplash            
Wine Niche- 4x4" marble                    Van Gogh Iris's on durable ceramic
Tuscan art imagery and wine art work   

Kitchen backsplash ideas- durable ceramic tiles. accent tiles   Kitchen backsplash ideas- durable ceramic tiles ...deco tiles

"Dear Alicia, Back in March I bought 10 accent tiles from you for my new kitchen here in NYC. I promised I would send pix when we were done. Well, were finally done, and here they are. They really are the center piece of the room. I just got back from Italy, and those tiles bring me right back. Thanks for all you help.

Red Poppy Rd by Joanne Margosian on 4x4
The Tuscan landscape for a kitchen backsplash idea , this Tuscan art image is  very popular because it draws you into painting. I would love to walk that road plus the colors are fabulous especially if red is a color that's important in your color scheme .
Red Poppy Road by  Joanne Margosian on 4x4" marble tiles

Renoir on Ceramic tiles as a kitchen backsplash              Wine label art work on  botticino or travertine stone marble tiles as a wine bar backsplash. Randomly place the tiles within a field a plain tiles.. These labels reflect your passion for wine
 Renoir on ceramic                           Randomly placed wine labels on marble

Lake Como on marble tiles as a kitchen backsplash  
Lake Como  on marble tiles          
 Consider any retro art work  enlarged to  create a tile mural

Wine label on ceramic tiles for kitchen backsplash
Muscat de Valence Wine label enlarged as a tile mural on ceramic tiles -
Wine art imagery has gained importance in the design of your kitchen. Wine lovers' passion for wine is reflected in randomly placed wine label art tiles or a wine label enlarged  as a mural on a backsplash, wine cellar or wine bar

Glass tiles of still life photograph for kitchen backsplash  
6x6" Glass Tiles-  Fruit still life

6x6" wine labels on marble tiles surrounded by 2x2" marble tiles.. The beauty of each wine label is enhanced by the old world characteristics of the marble.
This is an opportunity to show little jewels of color  and design in many tiles.

Please see my mural installation page for customer testimonials and much more mural installations

3 Black and White Roosters on 6x6"  Botticino Tumbled Marble Tiles
kitchen backsplash ideas- Rooster tile mural - on tumbled marble tiles
kitchen backsplash ideas- rooster tile mural -  on tumbled marble tiles

To see many more mural installations and customer testimonials

Cherubs, Mermaid
Old World Masters

Vintage labels on Tiles
 Photo Tiles....
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Kitchen Backsplash ideas

A marble kitchen backsplash mural or wall display makes the perfect complement for antiques,
beautiful china,flea market finds, vintage furnishings, garage sales, ephemera,
trade show collections, or bottles of a favorite wine or brew.

The images are baked into the marble so the quality of the marble with its shading,
nicks, crannies and rounded edges become part of the old world, vintage and
European effect.Perfume Label Art, dated from 1894 - 1905 on Tumbled Marble Tiles,
an unusual wall decor for the bath, dressing room, powder room, spa, country club.
Alternate plain botticino tumbled marble tiles, or add a few tiles onto each wall.
An important trend in decorating is chic and shabby. Perfume labels on tiles would
be an important accessory to this theme.
Alternate wine label images on tumbled marble tiles to create a wine collectors
dream environment.
Looking for kitchen tile backsplash ideas? Vintage Veggie, fruit or flower seed packets
transferred onto marble for a kitchen backsplash, pantry or garden room.
Crazy about pets? Vintage cat and dog food can labels on tiles will complete your
pets Bark Avenue suite.
A dressing area with old hotel and airline tiles randomly placed on a marble wall
as a backdrop for your favorite vintage Louis Vuitton trunk-- ooh la la

There are no limits to your imagination and collection .