Tile Murals, Any image cn be transferred onto tumbled marble, ceramic, glass or porcelain tiiles to create tile murals for indoors or outdoors home improvement projects

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 home improvement, kitchen backsplash,
and remodeling projects

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view to the amalfi coastline  kitchen backsplash tile mural

New Product.
Small pieces of different color stones are used to create a pattern or picture.

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to see many pictures and ideas, examples of  custom and classic
  tile mural installations

Wine cellar ..6x6" Tumbled marble wine art tile mural

 www.winecowboys.com.. Wine cellar designers.. Didn't they do a stunning wine cellar and I did the mural.. even personalized the wine bottle label
Picture # 108

Durable ceramic  Wall mural  for a Kitchen tile backsplash  ... 6x6" tiles..
Wine Art.
I even personalized the wine bottle with their names.
Interesting use of mosaic squares down each side of backsplash

Hello Alicia,
My kitchen is finally complete and the mural has been installed. You are welcome to use this on your website.  Thank you again for a most beautiful and one of a kind addition to my kitchen.
Lori and Ralph

Picture # 107

Durable ceramic  Wall mural  for a bathroom shower.... 6x6" tiles..
 Apollo's Treasures of the Sea

Hello Alicia,
it was very nice doing buiness with you, and for you to see what I did, I'm attaching a photo. Feel free to use it if you like. Happy holidays from house to house,

Picture # 105

Porcelain kiln fired tiles for an outdoor entry way  wall.. Guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Image is of the Danaiddes by Waterhouse. 18x24
Danaiddes by Waterhouse. Porcelain kiln fired tile mural for the outdoor entryway of a home
Danaiddes by Waterhouse. Porcelain kiln fired tile murals for the outdoor entryway of a home
Hi Alicia,
You wanted to see the finished product - as you can see it came out great!
Picture # 104

Durable ceramic  Wall mural with Logos and  10  glass tables with logos
Yogurt xplosion restaurant. Ceramic Tile mural logos for wall and glass tiles for tables

Here are some photos of Yogurt Xplosion. We have been open a couple weeks now and businsess is good....We have picked the site and space for store #2 and hope to start it within a couple of weeks. Thanks for the good work!

Picture # 103

6x6  Tumbled marble tiles

Hi Alicia..
Just wanted to say Thank you again for your beautiful work on the Rooster Tile Mural. He came out beautiful. Thanks again,
The Continillo Family..
Picture # 102

Joanne Margosian Chianti Sunset on
 Tumbled marble tiles
Gl 900 le Marche-- personalized bottle
Tumbled marble tiles

Here are a bunch of pics of our lovely tiles. Its a hit with all who come through our home! Thanks again!

Picture # 101

Painting transferred onto 4x4" tumbled pure white marble tiles
Close up of white marble tiles
Notice the framing.. Quite spectacular
Sorry for my long delay before reply. The  tiles arrived on time. They look GREAT. Christina and I are very happy with the final result. We thank you for your efforts
I'm happy to give you a very positive reference if ever needed.
Many thanks,
Picture # 99

Dubonnet Vintage poster on Ceramic tiles
Close up of  ceramic tile..
Hi Alicia,
Thank you for the tile mural. It looks beautiful in my shower. Everyone that sees it mentions how much they like it.
Picture # 98

4.25x4.25    Ceramic   29 3/4 x 21 1/4

Hi Alicia,
 The tiles came out great. I've only used two of the three so far. You'll see them as part of these few shots....Thanks again for your help.  David

This photo  Trees in Sepia was taken by David
Picture # 96

6x6 "  Tumbled Marble tiles-
Corrado Pila Beige version

Hello Alicia

Attached is a picture of our backsplash.


I really like how the backsplash turned out


Picture # 94

4.25x4.25"  matte Ceramic tiles-
Gordon's  wonderful photo transferred onto tiles..kitchen backsplash

 Hi Alicia,
 You truly do wonderful work; your representation of my photo is a focal point of our kitchen and is getting very positive comments from our guests as a highlight of the room. Thanks again, I hope that we can find another reason to work with you again.

Picture # 93

6 X 6"  satin Ceramic tiles-
This is Valley View Fruitcrate label . The client requested I remove all the words from the label and just have the landscape


I thought you might like to see the backsplash completed. It looks wonderful.
Thank you!   Marni

Picture # 91

Il Villaggio.6x6" tumbled marble 30x24"

Hello Alicia - you did a great job on the mural, finally finished putting it on the wall, turned out great,
Eric and Tina
Picture # 90

Picture # 89

4X4 tumbled marble tiles-
3 roosters with blue sky

Please note this design tip:
Tile mural and background tiles are a different size and shape and
she didn't add a frame

"Looks great! Thanks! "

Picture # 88

The Flag Barn By Billy Jacobs.. 4x4" tumbled marble16x12"

Sorry for the delay, but here are a few pictures of the finished Billy Jacobs' Flag Barn mural in our new kitchen. It was completed last week and we could not be happier with how it turned out. It looks beautiful and the mural is the center piece and finishing touch all in one. Now that we see you have more of Billy Jacobs' art work you will hear from us again soon--you have quality products and great customer service!  Thank you so much!
Hope & Dan

Picture  # 87

Lisa White Fruit Bowl on durable Ceramic tiles--  30x24 using 6x6" tiles.
Please note there are no surrounding tiles around mural. Client chose a painted surface
"Hi Alicia,
It is beautiful and better than expected
Thanks, Jim

Picture  # 86

Red Poppy Rd------ Panoramic..Tumbled marble
Vicki had a very wide but short space so I adjusted this fabulous image to fit into her space
52x12....   4x4" botticino tumbled marble
"Hi Alicia,
The installation of my red poppy road mural is finally complete. It is over the desk area in my kitchen, and it makes it a little easier to pay the bills & then day dream of a beautiful afternoon in Tuscany.
Thank you again,   Vicki "
Picture  # 85

Our Lady of Guadalupe installed in the MOST HOLY NAME  Parish in Garfield,  New Jersey,..
 Outdoor porcelain kiln fired tiles  ....   32x48" - 8x8" tiles
Virgen de Guadalupe outdoor tile mural

Our Lady of guadalupe tile mural- installed on an outdoor wall in a parish in garfield, New jersey
"I want to say THANK YOU ! Our parish is so pleased with the quality of the tile and the colors are so bright, they say that Our Lady of Guadalupe looks so BEAUTIFUL and REAL. We really love your work, and your patience to explain everything to us, thanks again for finding a good picture for our project and for all your help.
I hope to see our pictures in your website MOST HOLY NAME is soo HAPPY to have the Virgen Mary on our sight."

Picture # 84

Our Lady of Guadalupe installed in Fr. Shumakers outdoor garden  32x48
Mosaic tiles
Closeup of Virgin of Guadalupe Mosaic in The fathers courtyard
Fr. Shumaker wanted me to really change the colors of  the Lady so it would be  vibrant

lady of Guadalupe mosaic tile mural installation
It looks super!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Fr. Shumaker

Picture # 84  A    Mosaic

Giants inspired tile mural on glass tiles for the floor of a master bathroom
6 X 6" Glass floor tiles- Justin commissioned me to design a floor tile mural for his master bath.. He loves this football team.

"Hi Alicia!,. The floor looks mint and really brings it all together! . Go Big Blue and thanks again for everything"

Picture # 83

GL 905-Wine Art-- Outdoor porcelain kiln fired tiles- personalized label on wine bottle
Wine art transferred onto porcelain kiln fired outdoor tiles for an outdoor wine bar
"Hi Alicia, ok, all border tiles are up... so far this is how the mural looks.... we do love it...   and thank you for all your hard work... we will send more when we install shelves on each side... and decorate that area.. enjoy."

Picture # 82

Red Poppy Road by Joanne Margosian on 6x6"  Botticino Tumbled Marble Tiles..36x24"

Tuscan landscape kitchen backsplash tile mural
 I love all the textures used in the surrounding areas of the mural..
The frame is a wide rope stone.. seems about 4".
2" tumbled marble turned on the diagonal.
The metallic embossed tiles are on the diagonal.

Beautful use of color and textures. Very well thought out. I am very proud to be a part of this process
"Alicia.... I have attached a picture of the mural we put in our personal kitchen, we love it.

Designs by L.L. Power .... Lynda Power is a fabulous interior designer as you can see from the image. If you wish to contact her  spower5504@sbcglobal.net

Picture # 81

Cesar Canine Cuisine Logo on Outdoor Kiln Fired Porcelain Tiles ---
Entryway to their factory
Cesar dog food --logo transferred onto outdoor kiln fired tiles for an entryway
"Thought you might want to see the finished product.  It looks great !!!!!!!   The owner is excited."     Thanks, Jeff
Picture # 80

Painting by Tony di Gregorio
transferred onto 4.25x4.25" durable ceramic  tiles for a bathroom.
tile mural in bathroom shower
I cannot tell you how many have been amazed at this creation. You did a fabulous job with my painting. We absolutely love it and will pass this on everytime it is displayed.

Thank you   Tony
Tony 'dee' di Gregorio

Tony is a fabulous caricaturist artist and  offers entertainment for special events, conventions, trade shows, parties, birthdays, barmitsvahs, batmitzvahs in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida
Please visit his websites

Picture # 79

transferred onto 6x6" tumbled marble  tiles for a kitchen backsplash
Please note the rope tile frame-- it's a beauty
tiled kitchen backplash, wine art and Tuscan landscape
Memories of the Harvest
Hi Alicia,
Thanks so much for the wonderful tile mural-- and your ideas in designing my kitchen

Picture # 78

Red Poppy Road by Joanne Margosian on 6x6"  Botticino Tumbled Marble Tiles..
Tip: Very wonderful frame-- Gold Metallic Rope
kitchen backsplash ideas- Tuscan landscape tile mural - Red Poppy Road on tumbled marble tiles

kitchen backsplash ideas- Tuscan landscape tile mural - Red Poppy Road on tumbled marble tiles
"Alicia.... I love the way Red Poppy Road enhances my kitchen. It's the first thing people notice when entering my kitchen....everyone fell in love with it.
Tammy "
Picture # 77

A la Colonne by Guido Borelli  ~  
transferred onto 4x4" tumbled marble tiles for a niche.
This was a horizontal image that I adjusted to a vertical mural
Amalfi tile mural
Hi Alicia,

Once again, Thank you for taking the time to adjust the artwork to fit my niche.
The finished project turned out even better than we expected!

Regards, Marge
Picture #76

Le Marche by Gina Lancerotti on tumbled marble tiles.
I Created radial arch at the top
Tuscan wine art kitchen backsplash tile mural
Tuscan wine art kitchen backsplash tile mural
"Hi Alicia, I wanted you to see how beautiful our  wall tile mural turned out. We also put brick on the backsplash. Thank you so very much for all your guidance and also for altering the picture image so the picture was an arch instead of square at the top. I hope you like our selection of colors. Please note how small our grout lines are in the wall tile. My husband did a great job!
You may want to pass on to your clients a tip...he used a medical needle syringe to do the grouting in the mural since we wanted the grouting space to be 1/16 of an inch. Let me know what you think of our finished product. I would highly recommend your services to others, it was a great pleasure working with you!
Mitzy , Fort Myers Florida"
Picture # 75

Jim Millar's  fabulous photos on durable ceramic for his kitchen backsplash..
Tile mural and accent tiles
Photo transferred onto ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash
Landscape photography transferred onto ceramic tiles
"Hi Alicia -
Sorry it took so long to get these photos to you - finally got the project done and this is what it turned out to look like.   Thanks, Jim and Jan Millar"
Jim Millar is an amazing photographer- Please email him if you are interested in his photos on tiles or if you would like to buy his photos.

Picture # 74

transferred onto tumbled marble tiles .
Tuscan kitchen backsplash tile mural
Hi Alicia,
The tiles have been installed and look beautiful... thank you!

Picture # 73

A View to the Amalfi Coastline-on 4x4" tumbled marble tiles for a kitchen backsplash
View to the Amalfi Coastline...Tuscan wine art kitchen backsplash tile mural
view to the amalfi coastline  kitchen backsplash tile mural
"Hi Alicia,
Back in June/July I purchased from you a tile mural titled, "A view of Amalfi Coast" for our kitchen remodel. WE LOVE IT! Everyone that comes in is drawn to this mural, too.
Thank you for your advise and instruction during this part of our remodel job. It was a pleasure working with you!    Sara"
Picture # 72

Fabulous artwork of Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann  ~ Brilliant Blue Moment ~
transferred onto durable ceramic tiles
Brilliant Blue moment by Sharie Hatchett Bohlmann on ceramic tiles
"Your mural has really made my kitchen!

Picture # 71

Floral paintings transferred onto ceramic tiles and installed on a Kakelugn ( Swedish fireplace)
Floral paintings transferred onto ceramic tiles and installed on a Kakelugn ( Swedish fireplace)
"I get so many compliments on my kakelugnĖ they are the heart of my home in many ways.

I am now working on completing my basement, and Iím going to have a shower and 2 swedish kakelugnar down there. I was hoping you could help me again with some tiles and murals!
Best, Marie"
Picture # 70

4.25x4.25" ceramic ... Chianti Sunset by Joanne Margosian.
Adjusted to fit the panoramic format of the custom fireplace mantle
68" X 8 1/4"
 Chianti Sunset by Joanne Margosian. Adjusted to fit the panoramic format of the fireplace mantle
"Hi Alicia,
 We finally finished the new mantle, and I wanted to send you photos of how nicely it turned out. It is a real work of art. Thanks for all your suggestions and artistic eye. It is exactly what we wanted.   Sincerely, Alison..  Half Moon Bay, CA"
Picture # 69

Wine labels, Beer labels and Whiskey labels-on 4x4" tumbled marble tiles for a wine bar
Wine labels, Beer labels and Whiskey labels-on 4x4
Wine labels, Beer labels and Whiskey labels-on 4x4
I wanted to send you some pictures of the bar we finished using your tiles. They came out better than we expected and we could not be happier. Everyone that comes over loves the bar and comments on the tiles and how great they look.   Thanks again, Doug"

Picture # 68

Porcelain kiln fired Compass Rose Tile for exterior entryway floor
Porcelain kiln fired Compass Rose Tile for exterior entryway floor
Porcelain kiln fired Compass Rose Tile for exterior entryway floor
The spot where lightening struck last year on our new cement is now acknowledged.
Thanks, Stephanie
Picture # 67

12x12" Porcelain Kiln Fired Tile Murals for 4 EXTERIOR WALLS of
T - Mobile equipment Building in California..
 Each custom tile mural is  5'x5'
Picture # 66

6x6" Durable Matte Ceramic for High Maintenance areas...  Glenn Hummels Photograph
"Hi Alicia,   We finally have the kitchen done. It turned out gorgeous, the photo perfect for the wall. It would be an honor to have this image, or more, on your site in case someone would like to choose one of my photos for their tile work.  Thanks again, everyone is very pleased with the results.   Glenn"

Picture # 65

6x6" Tumbled marble tiles ...  Umbria-- by Gina Lancerotti  for a  custom Kitchen backsplash
Wine art tile mural for a kitchen backsplash on tumbled marble tiles
Wine art tile mural for a kitchen backsplash on tumbled marble tiles
"Hi Alicia! I just sent you pictures of the finished product. The mural looks great! Thanks for your help! Kathy"
Please note The double framing tiles they used around the mural. Looks like a basket weave stone.
Picture # 64

Tumbled marble tiles ...  View to the Amalfi Coastline  for a Kitchen backsplash
View to the Amalfi Coastline tile mural kitchen backsplash
View to the Amalfi Coastline tile mural kitchen backsplash
"Here's some pictures of the work you folks did for us. Thanks, Steve"
Please note that I added a wrought iron personalized frame above the cave as requested by the client -- Pretty neat

Picture # 63

This is a bathroom shower CEILING of Waterlilies-- 4.25x4.25 ceramic tiles - Amazing
This is a bathroom shower CEILING of Waterlilies-- 4.25x4.25 ceramic tiles
"Hi ALicia,
Heres that picture of the tiles. Enjoy!
Picture # 62

Durable ceramic tiles-  Panoramic Sunset
Durable ceramic tiles-  Panoramic Sunset by Gardner Banich for a Kitchen backsplash
Durable ceramic tiles-  Panoramic Sunset by Gardner Banich for a Kitchen backsplash
Picture # 61

 Chianti Village by Joanne Margosian -  66x48" on 6x6"  Botticino Tumbled Marble Tiles..
Clients ask me " should I fill the whole space ? or add plain tiles and a tile frame.?"
Here, the client filled the whole space with the mural ...Scroll down to see other options
kitchen backsplash ideas- Tuscan landscape-Chianti Village on tumbled marble tiles
kitchen backsplash ideas- Tuscan landscape tile mural-Chianti Village on tumbled marble tiles
"Hi Alicia,
Well, it only took us about 5 months but we finally have a kitchen to be proud ofÖand one of the centerpieces is your mural. It came out great. Thank you so much for the assistance during our planning process and the same after the tiles were shipped. We have had nothing but fabulous comments from visitors and amazes us every day. A few pictures are attached for your use.   Thanks again, Harvey"

Picture # 60

 6x6" Botticino Tumbled Marble Tiles.
Interesting to note she matched the grout color to to the image--
Grout color in the Bridge is greenish and the Waterlilies is bluish.. Not too much pop from the grout and also it doesn't match the field tiles grout color... Brilliant : )
Keep this in mind when planning your custom mural project.
bathroom backsplash ideas- Monet Waterlilies landscape tile mural - on tumbled marble tiles
bathroom backsplash ideas- Monet Waterlilies landscape tile mural - on tumbled marble tiles

"See the great photos"... Thanks Cathy

Picture # 59

 Chianti Harvest on 6x6"  Botticino Tumbled Marble Tiles
48"x 120"  wall  niche
Niche- Tuscan vineyard landscape on marble tiles
Niche- Tuscan vineyard landscape tile mural on marble tiles
"Hi Alicia, We are happy with the mural. thanks for your help joan /henry"

Picture # 58

Amalfi- Pergola combined  on 4x4" Botticino Tumbled Marble Tiles - 48x16"
I combined the 2 paintings to create a panoramic image
"Hi Alicia,
Well I finally installed the mural and the tumbled marble tiles in my kitchen. I have enclosed a photo  . We are very pleased with the mural and believe it turned out even better than we had hoped. Thanks for a very fine product. Jim "
kitchen backsplash ideas- Tuscan landscape tile mural-Amalfi Pergola combined on tumbled marble tiles
Amalfi and Pergola combined to create panoramic tile mural for kitchen backsplash
Picture # 57

GL 900 by Lancerotti on 4x4" Botticino Tumbled Marble Tiles - 24x16"
Tuscany and wine art transferred onto marble, ceramic or glass tiles for a kitchen backsplash or wine cellar backsplash
Tuscany and wine art transferred onto marble, ceramic or glass tiles for a kitchen backsplash or wine cellar backsplash
"Hi ALicia,
Just wanted to send you some pictures from the mural we bought from you. IT LOOKS FANTASTIC. It is so beautiful. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery and great work
          Linda B."

Picture # 56

The outdoor park bench combines poured concrete, smithed steel, paint, kiln fired tiles
Outdoor kiln fired tiles on bench
I designed the artwork for the kiln fired tiles to be inserted into this fabulous customized bench . It is a tribute to Jim Wiley from Peter Holt, Owner of the Spurs and is located in a beautiful park at the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind in San Antonio.
I designed the artwork for the kiln fired tiles to be inserted into this fabulous customized bench . It is a tribute to Jim Wiley from Peter Holt, Owner of the Spurs and is located in a beautiful park at the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind in San Antonio.
Picture # 55

Inspirational poem by Rumi  from a museum in Istanbul. I transferred the poetry onto 4x4" tumbled marble tiles. Adele had  the tiles framed and it is installed in her entryway.

"Hi Alicia,
It's Beautiful.    Adele."

Picture # 54

Ceramic 6x6"
kitchen backsplash ideas- Egytian landscape tile mural-on ceramic

"Here is the gorgeous backsplash you did for us. The picture is of the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae in the Nile River by David Roberts around 1839 or so.
Thank you so much ! I just might have to order something else from you in the future :-))! "
Jill and David

Picture # 53

Personalized logo on tiles -fundraiser ideas
Corvettes logo on 4x4" Marble Tiles
JCC logo on 4x4"
 Marble Tiles
Marble or ceramic tiles for a fund raiser , banquet , giveaway, corporate function, wedding, bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah ,etc.
( Tip )-- We can personalize a wine label for your function

Picture # 52

 Rooster 8 on 6x6"  Botticino Tumbled Marble Tiles
kitchen backsplash ideas- Rooster tile mural - on tumbled marble tiles
kitchen backsplash ideas- rooster tile mural -  on tumbled marble tiles
From Beth  and Jim -- I created this tile mural a year ago for their kitchen backsplash--- They just moved and loved this mural so much that I have recreated this mural for their new home
Picture # 51

These 5 murals are all on 6x6" tumbled marble tiles ~ Amazing home
Ariadne by Waterhouse
Echo and Narcissus by Waterhouse
Natures Bounty on Ceramic tiles as a kitchen backsplash
Natures Bounty

Alena commissioned us to create these
 tile murals for her client

Bathroom shower tile mural
Lion at Home
Bathroom shower tile mural
Venus by Botticelli
Picture # 50

Wine Niche on 4x4"  botticino tumbled marble tiles  ~ If you are lucky enough : )  to be vacationing at the Mountain Valley Home B& B in Estes Park, Colorado, Have a glass of wine in their Tuscan Wine Room  and view the mural and tiles we created for them.
Wine Niche on Marble tiles as a wine tasting room backsplash Wine art imagery has been steadly growing in popularity. Wine connoisseurs collect wine labels to further enhance their love of the grape and want their kitchen backsplash, wine cellars, wine bars to reflect this passion
Close up of personalized bottle
"Hi Alicia,
Just wanted to thank you for your beautiful tile work. Your mural has become the crowning jewel of our new Tuscan Wine Room. All of our B&B guests are loving it, as are we! The wine label tiles embedded in our backsplash and those being used as coasters are also a fine addition to the room. Thank you for your flexibility, punctuality, and outstanding talent! You are a gem to work with."

Lynn and Paul
Mountain Valley Home Bed & Breakfast Inn
1420 Axminster Lane
Estes Park, CO 80517

Picture # 49

Van Gogh, Iris Garden-- 4.25x4.25" ---   Ceramic tiles-
Durable, cleanable and can take the heat
Kitchen backsplash ideas  --  Van Gogh Iris garden on ceramic
Iris garden by Van Gogh for your tiled  kitchen backsplash
This is our kitchen. The house was originally a one room cabin on Lake Whatcom in Bellingham, Washington. We love the mural.
Thanks again, Carla & Stan"
Picture # 48

Chianti Sunset Tuscan tile mural  Outdoor kiln fired tiles
Chianti Sunset by Joanne Margosian
on 6x6"  tiles
~ Outdoors ~

We just finished getting the mural set. The chimney wall is on a raised deck. I have included pictures of the hillside looking out from the deck. The similarities are astounding. Beth and I are enjoying the mural"

Picture # 47

Wine labels on  6x6"Tumbled Marble Tiles
Closeup of Marble tile~ Outstanding : )
Surrounding tiles are 2x2"s -- very nice
Kitchen backsplash idea- wine label transferred onto marble tiles
"Hi Alicia,
Here are some shots of your tiles. They were as advertised and I love the look.  Thanks, I'll suggest you to anyone asking about tile ideas   .....   Michael"

Picture # 46

The Mermaid By Waterhouse ~ 42x60" ~ 6x6" Tumbled Marble Tiles
Bathroom tile mural ideas- The Mermaid on marble tiles
As you can see, I have positioned the Mermaid so no grout lines are going thru the features

Bathroom tile mural ideas- The Mermaid on marble tiles

"My wife is very happy with the mural. She is my little mermaid.  Thanks again. Bob, Sharon & Sonnie "

Picture # 45

Wine Niche--
4x4" marble Tiles

Pretty impressive kitchen-
note the rope tile frame around mural
Wine art on marble tiles for a kitchen backsplash
"Hi Alicia,
I was beginning to wonder if this day would ever come but hooray, I have a kitchen again!!! The mural looks great, and I thank you very much for creating it for me.
Thanks again, Marcia"

Picture # 44

bathroom shower tile mural on marble tiles ~ Nude with a Pitcher
6x6" Tumbled marble Tiles-- 36"x60"
Nude with Pitcher
Tiles surrounding mural are impressive
Bathroom shower tile mural ideas-  on marble tiles
"Hi Alicia, As promised I have attached some shots of the beautiful mural you made for us... Take care, Nicole"

If you live in Lake Worth, Florida consider this talented designer for your next remodeling project. This shower is gorgeous
Nicole Garcia ---SN Remodeling, Inc.
Picture # 43

Kitchen Backsplash, Renoir, landscape on 6x6
4.25x4.25" durable ceramic tiles _ Tiles that can take the heat and are scrubbable- Extremely durable ~and beautiful kitchen
Renoir on Ceramic tiles as a kitchen backsplash
"Here are some photos of the Renoir  tile mural that you made for me last fall. I have received many, many compliments on my mural, and am so very happy with it. My stove is cobalt blue, and the mural looks beautiful over it. I canít tell you how much I am enjoying it, and how much I appreciate your work on it. Even my husband thinks it is just beautiful.
Thanks, Pat"
Picture # 42

Wine Label  ~ 12"x12" ~ on 4x4" marble tiles ~ Personalized with clients name
Kitchen Backsplash, a wine label enlarged and personalized on 4x4
"Hi Alicia, I donít believe I ever sent you photos of the wine label mosaic you did for my client. She absolutely loved it and it looks great in the backsplash. Here are some pictures. I canít wait until our next project!
Thanks, Cindy"
San Antonio Designer - CC Interiors, LLC        210.416.1363     www.ccinteriorsonline.com

Picture # 41

So, What could be more fun than working with childrens art. I was commissioned to transfer a lot of kids drawings onto outdoor tiles  for tables in a Children's Park in Altamonte Springs , Florida
 ceramic tiles ~ kids art transferred onto outdoor tiles inserted into a play table
"Hi Alicia-
I have attached pictures of the Childrens Table tiles. I think they look great. Thanks again for all of your help with this!
Farrah :)
Picture # 40

Kathy commissioned us to create an outdoor Memorial Wall in honor of her son Ryan. She sent me photos and paintings that he created and I designed a collage and transferred it onto our outdoor tile . It was a pleasure to work with her on this project.
Outdoor kiln fired tiles..  memorial  in the backyard
"Hi Alicia,
Still working on the memorial but I thought you might like to see a few photos. so I will send what I have and then eventually the finished product. Everyone that has seen it has fell  terribly in love with your work.  Thank you again for your patience and kindness in helping me with this sad but glorious rememberance of him
thank you again

Picture # 39

We are very proud and excited to be part of the opening in March  of a new restaurant in Mesa, Arizona ~ Sau'tee ~ Please stop by if you are in the area to  enjoy the food and ambience and also view our commissions  to create the Logo and the  Van Gogh murals below  on  6x6"
 ceramic tiles
Installation in Sautee restaurant of  Van Gogh terrace on  ceramic tiles
Van Gogh ~Cafe Terrace
Sautee Restaurant - Van Gogh paintings transferred onto 6x6
Van Gogh ~ Starry Night

Sau'tee Logo
Sau'tee   1840 S Val Vista Dr    Mesa, AZ 85204

Picture # 38

Natures Bounty transferred onto ceramic tiles to create a kitchen backsplash
 Nature's Bounty
6x6" durable ceramic tiles -
Kitchen Backsplash

Please see Gary and Fran's email below
"Hi Alicia,
It has been awhile, but we thought we would share with you the final product of all our efforts. Attached is a photo of the installed mural in our kitchen as promised. Feel free to use it on your website .
Thanks for all your efforts,
Gary and Fran"
Picture # 37

Tepidarium by Tadema--30x24"---  6x6" tumbled marble tiles
Sauna surround tile mural on 6x6
"The bath isn't quite finished but I thought you might like to see how good your art looks!!    Thanks ever so much!  Johnny"

Note the rope tile frame-- Bath is very classy Johnny.
Clients ask me--" How does it look if the tile in the mural is not the same size as the backsplash tile"-- Well-- here's your answer--- The mural  tile is 6x6 and the backsplash field tiles are 12x12. What do you think?
Picture # 36

Yosemite ~ on 4x4" marble tiles -~ Tip ~ Rope frame sets the mural off perfectly and  I think the size sits nicely in the space-- not too big, not too small~ Nice focal point
Kitchen Backsplash with Yosemite transferred onto the tiles
"Hello Alicia,
 I have had a lot of interest in the mural and have referred quite a few folks your direction.
I may have some more work for you as well. So..........you may be hearing from us shortly on a new project!
Regards, Dale "

Unfortuneately  the photo is very light so you can't really see the majestic quality of the image.I have asked for another .Hopefully he will send another pic .
Picture # 35

Lake Como by Aagaard on 6x6" Marble Tiles ~ Great looking stonework around mural and check out the detail image of the embossed stone framing tiles Abby installed around the mural. I've always touted rope tile-- but this is really special. You can't have too much texture
Kitchen Backsplash of Lake Como by Aagard
 Abby is a wonderful decorator--Please see her contact information below
"Thanks again for all your help and beautiful work.

by Decorating Den    Abby Rolfs rolfsa@cox.net

Detail of Framing Tile             around mural
Picture # 34

Photograp of cathedral transferred onto marble tiles
Cardinal Mahony took an impressive photo of his new Cathedral in LA and commissioned us to transfer it onto 4x4" marble tiles. It is quite stunning.Thanks for allowing us to be part of the project

Greetings to you! I had the beautiful tile photo framed using the same stone as in the floor of the Cathedral. It looks terrific! I'll take a photo of it and send it on to you.

Picture # 33

Kitchen Backsplash of a Tuscan tile mural
Tuscany Landscape with scrollwork ` on 4x4" tumbled marble tiles

"Hi Alicia, Just completed kitchen, wanted you to get whole effect..people are amazed at the mural, they love it and want to know how you did it?? thanks so much, Pam"

It's Magic ~  : )
Picture # 32

Glass tiles ~ 6x6"
Glass tiles of still life photograph for kitchen backsplash
kitchen backsplash ideas- Fruit bowl transferred onto glass tiles
Photographer, Greg Iger  from IgerStudios.com created this photographic digital image. He commissioned us to transfer this amazing image onto glass tiles as a kitchen backsplash.

Says Greg   "My wife LOVES it....and that's the best reward"

Picture # 31

ceramic tiles - fruit crate label as kitchen backsplash tile mural
Durable 4.25x4.25" ceramic tiles

I enlarged a fruitcrate label for Steve and transferred it onto our durable ceramic tile to be used behind a stove. Scrubbable , stain resistant and heat resistant, able to withstand abuse.

This installation was featured in
Victoria Homes Magazine  
We love the mural! Thanks for shipping overnight. The mural arrived at noon last Tuesday and we installed one hour later. The free standing range was installed the following day. Thought you might like to see the mural installed so I'm attaching a photo.    Thanks again, Steve "
Picture # 30

abstract wine collage kitchen backsplash
Red Wine Mural on 4x4" marble tiles. Please see excerpt below of his email

Tip: I always suggest turning the field tiles as a diamond and also adding a tile frame around the mural . This is a perfect example of  the size of the mural used in this space. I also love the way he coordinated  brown tiles as a border. It's a beauty.

"The mural is fantastic - your work is terrific. Thanks, David"

Picture # 29

Glass of wine and fruit kitchen backsplash
Wine and Grapes by Roessin on 4x4" marble   tiles.
 Email from Sherri below

"The mural looks GREAT. We have had so many complements on it. Thanks! Sherri "

Picture # 28

Rooster 2 on Ceramic tiles as a kitchen tile backsplash
Rooster 2------on-----4x4" botticino
tumbled marble tiles. I love the Black field tiles .
Bob tiled it himself-- It looks great and I supplied the mural. What a team--- : )

Rooster on marble tiles kitchen backsplash
"Hi Alicia,
Just this week was able to install the mural and surrounding tile. grouted it last night before I went to work. this was my very first tile project ever. (I was pretty proud of how it turned out)  anyway, it looks great! thanks so much for your help. you do really nice work. glad I found you!   Bob"
Picture # 27

"Hi Alicia!
Thanks for the great tiles!!!  Can we have some more, please?
Can't wait to get some good tile ideas from our children's books so we can have some fun with our daughter Sophie's room.
Thanks so much! -Kevin and Sarah and Emma and Sophia"
I transferred fruit crate labels, biscuit and grocery labels onto 8x10" and 4.25x4.25"  ceramic tiles for their country decor eating nook. They adhered it to the wall with velcro.
So charming.    : )
Picture # 26

"Hi Alicia,
Got the Mural up and I am very happy with the way it looks. Thanks for your help.  David"

4x4" tumbled marble tiles-- "The Bathers".
Great looking mural--  I loved working on this one
Picture # 25

kitchen backsplash ideas- I matched their wallpaper and created tiles
Doug sent me the wallpaper  border ( see backgound on pic to left ) and I created a 4 sided ceramic insert for the pot hanger he built for his kitchen- This is a beauty.  
The piece came out quite well . I sent several photos and have more if you want. Hope you and your business are doing well.
Doug "
Picture # 24

4x4"  botticino tumbled marble tiles
" This is a little backsplash for a built-in wetbar in our pool-room. It took a ton of searching on the internet to find the type of "liquor-themed" tiles we wanted, but I finally hit the jackpot at Alicia Tapp Designs "

Wine label art work on  botticino or travertine stone marble tiles as a wine bar backsplash. Randomly place the tiles within a field a plain tiles.. These labels reflect your passion for wine
Wine labels on marble tiles for a wet bar
Picture # 23

Lee's bar area in his rec room - For all trips, events, family and friends gatherings- he has  sent us the pix and we have transferred them onto ceramic tiles.
What a novel idea - He has installed them around the room as a running history of wonderful memories.

It's obvious from the pix you are so loved and thanks for allowing me to be a part of the process.

Please see excerpt of his email-----
"Thanks again Alicia. The jpgs of the finished room don't do the room justice. But the tiles you made for me really do finish the room. And what a fantastic conversation piece. Everyone loves it.   Yours Truly, Lee"
Picture # 22

kitchen backsplash ideas- wine labels on tiles
"Hi Alicia-----We are so pleased with how they worked into our tile plan for the kitchen, I thought I would send you a picture or two.   Thanks, Sally."

Tip: Interesting stone tile behind the 4x4" wine label tiles--- and you thought everything has to match-- quite stunning and the tiles in the background are turned on the diamond-- lots of interesting texture
Picture # 21

Glass Tiles 6x6"
Waterlilies  .... She asked me to subdue the colors in original painting so the mural would coordinate with the grey granite tiles on the wall.
Waterlily tile mural  on glass tiles for the bath
Monet waterlilies on glass tiles for a shower
"Hope the pictures came thru ok. the bathroom still isn't completely done. but the mural looks great!!!  Ruth"
We love it too
Picture # 20

entryway floor on tiles
Angela commissioned this wonderful painting- Sir Lawrence Alma - Tadema's Favourite Poet to be transferred onto marble tiles for the entryway floor in her new spa shop. It sure is pretty.  Her email below
"This is how it looks as you walk in the door. I will try a picture from standing above, but not sure it will take well. It is getting looks, so I hope to be bringing business your way soon   Thanks Angela"   Tiny Bubbles European Bath Shop
Picture # 19

David commisioned us to transfer onto marble tiles a wonderful photo of his trip to Italy . As you can see he installed it into a table top and added marble tiles around it. Great job David!
"Just wanted to let you know that the tiles looked great.  Table turned out nicely.  Here's a picture:
Thanks, David"
tile table
Picture # 18

I love the Tuscany mural -- it's great!   Sheila"
 Installing tip: Grout lines in mural should be no more than 1/16"
kitchen backsplash
Kitchen  backsplash - Pergola by Aagaard-
on 4x4" botticino tumbled
 marble tiles.
Kitchen backsplash - on 4x4
Picture # 17

Echo and Narcissus by Waterhouse
4x4 Tumbled marble
Elegant bathroom - notice the tiles they used around the mural-- embossed marble  and the little touches of very small deco tiles
Bathroom and shower ideas- tile mural behind a tub
I thought I would send you a couple pictures of  the finished product. My wife and I love how it turned out. We are so glad we found your company  on the internet. Jody"

Picture # 16

accent tiles with vegetable paintings
Veggie and check border accent tiles randomly installed
with marble field tiles
kitchen backsplash of vegetable art on marble tiles
Says Debbie " Love my tiles "
Picture # 15

Rooster 5  with lattice border and small roosters in each corner
Rooster on marble tiles for a kitchen backsplash

Thanks, Nancy and Bill for sharing the photos - the kitchen is beautiful and the rooster looks amazing.See their email below
"Hey - sorry it took so long to get this to you. really LOVE our mural.
It makes the whole room! Thanks so much for a great job! Bill and Nancy"

Picture # 14

Kitchen Backspash - ceramic tiles
Sandy renovated this wonderful  turn of the century home in Baltimore and collected vintage Baltimore ephemera . I created a collage for her and transferred it into  6x6"   durable~ceramic tiles.
Thanks Sandy for the opportunity to be part of your renovation
Picture # 13

Framed tile mural
Clients  always ask-- "Can you just set the tiles in a frame and place it on the wall?" Well here is a perfect example - the  framing store actually mounted the tiles after Nancy and Barry picked out a wood frame- Quite a bedroom.
Framed tile mural

"Dear Alicia,
I love it. My friends see it and say WOW!!!
Thanks, Nancy & Barry"
Fragonard with scroll on 6x6" matte ceramic tiles
Picture # 12

Kitchen backspalsh- Fruit in a bowl
Remodeling tip : The 4x4" marble  field tiles around the mural are turned so they are diamond shape. Thanks Brenna for the pics- Beautiful kitchen design. We loved working with you.
"Hey Alicia,
We finally finished the condo and here is the mural you did for over the stove. It looks great! All my friends loved it too. It made the kitchen. Thanks for your talent! Fondly, Brenna "
Picture # 11

Abstract Wine Collage
Impressive kitchen ~ Love the small mosaic tile border

"Alicia; at long last the picture of our  wine mural.  Feel free to put this on your website, We are.,absolutely thrilled with the results. Incidentally we did all the work in the kitchen ourselves.    Karen"
Picture # 10

The Lady in Red is Dave's artwork created from a photograph of a special friend and manipulated in Photoshop-- He commissioned  us to transfer the image onto 6x6" marble tiles-- 30x42". Awesome mural.

"Thanks for rendering Lady in Red for me.  dave "

Your favorite photo or artwork transferred onto tiles
Picture # 9

Jo Ella commisioned  us to take a  wine label and create a mural for her on  ceramic tiles. The mural looks great.

" Dear  Alicia:
We framed our mural with a thin black rope tile and used charcoal grout, which really set it off. We truly love the way it turned out and we are so glad that we found you online.
Attached is a photo of our tile mural over our sink. We love it."
Jo Ella

Wine label on ceramic tiles for kitchen backsplash
4.25x4.25 CeramXtra ceramic tiles
Picture # 8

54x24" mural on 6x6"
Kiln fired ceramic tiles behind a fountain that was designed by Carolyn.
 Below is their email.Outdoor tiles for a pool surround
Outdoor tiles for a pool surround
"Thanks for the beautiful tiles. They are in place now, and stunning.
Here are your photos!
We appreciate your great work." Sincerely,  Paul & Carolyn
Picture # 7

Ron an Interior Designer at EES HOME
DESIGN  in Tipton, Indiana  commissioned us to create the 2 Rooster murals  for a client.  This kitchen is so beautiful! Thanks for letting us be part of your amazing kitchen backsplash design.
An excerpt from his email: " It came out exactly as I wanted it to be. Thank you for all you did"

Very interesting mosaic tile used on both sides of this mural installation

Kitchen Backsplash - Rooster on tumbled marble tiles- Lots of kitchen backsplash ideas
6x6" marble tiles
Picture # 6

Nature's Bounty kitchen backsplash customer installation
Natures Bounty
Finished mural is 44" x 20"
4x4" Marble Tiles
Kitchen Backsplash

 Dianna commissioned us to transfer Natures Bounty mural on marble tiles for her kitchen in her remodeled horse ranch. Upon receiving the finished mural, she realized she had more space to fill than she thought. We came to her rescue. I added a personalized wine bottle on the left side in the same style as the painting and added more elements on the right side. Below is an excerpt of her email to us.
FINALLLLLLLY! my contractor finished the mural today. He bordered with wood. Thanx so much I LOVE IT!!!!!!
You are a truly gifted artist.

I think bordering the mural in wood was a very good idea. It ties into the wood cabinets and coordinates beautifully.

A toast to you for sending these wonderful photos!
The painting Natures Bounty hand printed onto 4x4
Picture # 5

St Francis mural on marble tiles for niche. Customer mural installation, We can transfer religious images onto marble
Jim commissioned us to transfer the only reproduction of this St Francis of Assisi painting from a post card.
A daunting task. The mural, on 6x6"  botticino tumbled marble tiles  measures 18"x48" . He surprised his wife, Susan with the finished mural for their niche. It's amazing!
Thanks for sharing the completed mural with us.
Picture # 4

Southwest mural on marble tiles . Customer mural  kitchen backsplash
Rick and Lynn designed and did their own kitchen backsplash installation .They found unusual slate tiles and we coordinated the mural to the tiles so it had a Southwest desert theme.
Pretty amazing!

Picture # 3

Wine cellar installation of Amalfi Coastline. 5'x4'
Pam and Frank created an Italian environment in Their wine cellar. She specifically asked that we use very broken and pitted tiles so that Their mural would have an old world, antiqueTuscan look.
Installation in a California  wine cellar of View to the Amalfi Coast ~ 5' x 4'  ~ 6x 6"  Botticino tumbled marble tiles.

Thanks,  Pam for a wonderful picture for our website.The wine cellar looks great.
Picture # 2

Lighthouse mural on marble tiles for a kitchen backsplash for a new home
Mark & Margo commissioned us to transfer this watercolor of a lighthouse onto 4x4  tumbled marble tiles.Here is an excerpt of their email to us:
"Thanks for the unique piece, we found a nice border to match and everyone who comes into the kitchen comments on it. . I think it's beautiful, but of course I'm biased!"

Lighthouse marble mural installation for kitchen backsplash.
Remodeling and home improvement tip:  Many clients ask me how to frame a mural behind a stovetop and one of the most interesting and textural effects is an embossed frame of tile around the mural.This is a wonderful example. Congratulations Mark and Margo to an awesome use of tile and of course for allowing us to be part of the process.
Picture # 1

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